"Oito bits e olhe lá!"

DMGD (Donsoft Mini Games Division) is a space for free rehearsals of small games, usually designed to illustrate concepts and propose extraordinary integration between the different actors in the company's areas of P&A (Production & Administration), A&D (Arts & Design) and T&D (Technology & Development). Here is our Atarilina, games aiming the Atari VCS design and development constraints from 1977 to 1992.

ATARI, VCS and ATARI 2600 are registered trademarks and are referenced here only as a tribute. All rights belong to their respective owners.

The 4 kbytes restriction

What can we get with less and less? Creativity. We think a restrictive approach to game design can return as a powerful mind sharpener. All DMGD Atarilina games are restricted to 4k ROM size.

Original content, just hop in

Franchises? We got our franchises too! By the way, all DMGD Atarilina games characters and narratives are fanfic-ready. Fell free to improve the Atarilinaverse with art!

It's about Gameplay and Imagination

"Eight bit large sprites encounter creative technical solutions to have some fun together with you". All DMGD Atarilina games consists in new dynamics on canonical mechanics.

Shareware the Retroware

Free? Free! All DMGD Atarlilina games can be obtained as files from this site, without any payment. Gift those you love with a brand new Atari2600 game!

Going for a Real Retro Collection

Are you a real retro collector interested in rare DMGD Atarilinina cartridges, boxes and signed manuals to showcase in your trophy-room? Get in touch and we can do some business!

Have you played Atari today?

There's still time! I guess the kid that lives inside you, even today, can't wait for the new thrills from this old game system. So, let's play!

The Atarilina Collection, so far



Damn! Someone has made a mess in virology, and now the rotten bodies are walking and running around the base, killing some fine people.


Holly Skies! A delivery must be made, but in the enemy territory, crowded with suicidal pilots and their deadly flying machines. The year is 1940.


Protecting yourself amidst the ruins of previous battles, you command the tank model TTTx to roll, ready to blow up anyone who approaches it.


The heat, the smell of gas and burned rubber and rivalry... Ah!... Just another day for brave pilots (like you) to prove themselves behind the wheels.


The propellers are spinning, and the rocket launchers are plenty full. Are you ready to take off the AGAH-78 Epicotero in another hunting mission?


Looking around, you silently yell: 'What the hell! Where is the wizard?!'. The sticky maze walls of Labimento seem to impose your prison in all directions...


Among the spiky mandacarus the cangaceiros are suspicious. 'Nonada! Where are all the cabras?' In the camp, only two cangaceiros remained...


"So the honorable visitor wants to know about the legend of Sujiro Kisaiba, the one who in these mountains was once called Ninjoso?"


Armadja... Ahoy! Two squadrons meet on the high seas for a decisive battle: at stake, a precious sea route with islands to occupy.

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