A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.2.10)


Your objective is to navigate each Labimento's maze and find its exit portal. Sounds easy! But wait... The portal mana is dead. First, you have to open a chroma elemental magical crystal box to power them on... Go look for them! Feel the energy in your fingers? Besides, they give you some score points. Your only power inside Labimento is to move anywhere you can, as fast as you can. That Wizard took away your, sword, shield, daggers, arrows, bow, flasks, bottles, pans, blankets and dogs. You are alone here, except for those nasty ghosts that are trying to break your soul apart. They are the spirits of bold but now late adventurers. Don't let them touch you! Because you may become one of them in a snap! The voice says: "When you die, you die." Thank you, voice.

Each portal sends you to another random maze in Labimento. You were told there are seven of them in each stage... So, do not waste precious time! The faster you find each maze exit, the sooner you can go back home for your king!


You can move up, down, left, right, and diagonally (when viable is the space) in the same direction you move your Joystick. To find the exit from each maze of Labimento just follow the passages, watching for the ghosts attacks and avoiding the wall stickiness, ugh!



If you press the GAME SELECT switch to select a game variation, nothing will happen. The Wizard took away the variation with your golden coins and family jewels. Damn Wizard!


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and your current score is lost). Think it is for the peace of your mind, after some hours lost inside a maze inside a maze... Wow!


Do nothing, too. The game is already difficult. Or easy, I do not know. But if it is hard, you will become better each new maze found! Seems fun, isn't it? By the way, the ghosts speed up each new stage. Watch out.


BW Televisions? It's something from other spacetime...


Each magical crystal box opened gives 50 pts! Each powered portal trans-passed gives 100 pts more! Now you saw advantages, hu?... By the way, each Labimento's stage cleared gives you 100000 pts!!! So many points! That is trully a honored score to brag about by the bonfire chatter.


If a ghost touches you too much, you die and become one of them. What is too much? Well, you'll be spectral-tinted and, after that, any touch is too much. Have fun out there but take care in the narrow passages!


This game manual provides the basic information you'll need to escape. The following hints are just some observations to help you live maze after maze. As you play the game, you'll find some "secret moves".

  • Use the passage's cavities as an escape zone. Apparently, the ghosts do not go there very often, preferring the top, down, right and left most corridors of the mazes.
  • Do not waste time in plain sight! Long corridors, either horizontal and vertical ones, are fast to travel by but equally dangerous if a ghost sprint its way.
  • Do not forget to open the chroma elemental magical box to power on the maze portal before going for it! Besides, crystal mean score! Score means escape, I guess. The voice do not talk about it.
  • Watch out for corners. Those walls are pretty sticky right there!
  • Patience is gold. Wait for the best moment to run or to stand still. "Read the patterns", the voice said. "And a good science book".

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