A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.0.00)


Tirotengo is an exciting duel of rifles in the caatinga hinterland, in which the winner will be the last man standing, the one who has the best aim and the smarter in reloading his Winchester-44...

The players will face each other over cactus and stones, trying to put a fistfull of bullets (five bullets in five rounds) in the enemy bucho. The rifle ammunition is plenty, but a game of death is more than meet the eyes...

NOTE: Nonada! I can move around, but... How to use the damn rifle? I pull the trigger but the gun does nothing?!


The cangaceiros can move up, down, go left and right, with some difficulty when passing over the mandacarus and the stones around. Pressing the button will make the bandits aim, but their rifles must be loaded before firing: to do so, just press the button while pulling the Joystick down. To shoot, just press the button while pushing the Joystick up. "Varado de bala, camumbembe cala!"



Nonada, cabra!!!


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and the current players damage score is lost).


Change the bullets gunpowder quality! A is for "Alta" (High) and B is for "Baixa" (Low), for each cangaceiro. The powder quality defines bullet speed.


At Title screen, changes the duels daylight conditions to morning (1) or sunset (2), and the camp flora and obstacles around. Light is crucial to visibility among the caatinga, sertanejo! Take care!


To last, you must hurt more than be hurted. Each hit a cangaceiro makes at the other one's body will be accounted, erasing a white bar at the victim's camp side. At the fifth hit, the cangaceiro will be considered dead, with a cross above it. Some prayers can be heard if the dead cangaceiro's player press the button for some time, so the cabra can get back on its sandals, for revenge. If a cangaceiro dies five times, the duel ends, and the victory points will be splashed at the bottom of the Game Over screen. Don't let it happen again, cabra! Pick up your rifle and do better next time!


Each time a bulet find it's way to your cangote, you lose a mark. Get even before its' too late!


The banditry life of a sertanejo by 1938 in Brazil's northeast region was not easy. The cangaço was the "Drought Polygon's" ground piracy, with nomadic bands scattered at the hinterland fighting for power, money, food and revenge. The following tips can help you survive another duel:

  • Load, aim and shoot. Seems easy, but some rhythm effort is needed to better use of the carbine. The other cabra will do the same.
  • Check out for mandacaru cover by the camp low lines, but do not stay down sniping for too long. You cannot change direction with your eye down at the ironsight of the papo-amarelo, and your opponent can get you that fast: bang!
  • If the duel is too easy for one of the cangaceiros, what about a gunpowder change for some handicap contract?
  • Wandering without objective is not evasion. Think before acting. Be caught without a bullet in the chamber is the best way to kick the bucket.
  • Be honorable with your adversary and do not aperreie, because "Lack of respect is synonymous with open belly and tripe on the floor"

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