A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.0.00)


Your mission is to fight back the enemy invasion, providing some rocket attacks from high above. Each rocket you shoot is 100% not laser guided, so a keen eye and some math will be needed to get a bullseye. Not fancy. Just the necessary to blow the enemy to pieces. After fire is made, you have to wait some time to Epicotero be ready to fire again. During these precious moments of evasion and philosophy, watch for incoming traffic and aerial artillery coming your way, both ways.

The Epicotero is sturdy, but not indestructible, so keep an eye on targeting procedures and another eye at  the DRL (Damage Report Lamp). When the blinking starts, you're in real trouble. Please, be cautious out there, pilot.

NOTE: Messing up with the rotors and losing precision? Relax!


The Epicotero can go up and down, can go left and right, you just move the stick in the direction you want to fly. Got to launch some rockets? Easy! Just push the red button. Going sideways will show you new landscapes, but the dangers around will be the same or badder. Check it out!



Press the GAME SELECT switch to select a random region from the backland to start your mission. See them all!


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and your current score is lost).


The battle is already difficult enough to the majority of pilots. Prove yourself!


Setup the cammo variation for the Epicotero. It can be pitch black or ash grey, both badass colors to show up at the battlefield.


To score up so you can and brag about it at the local inn, you have to destroy as many enemy vehicles you can tackle. Each verified explosion gives you points, as follow:

  • 1. 6X6 TROOP TRUCK (25 pts)
  • 2. CARGO TRUCK (30 pts)
  • 3. SPY CAR (80pts)
  • 4. ARMORED CAR (60pts)
  • 5. APC (50pts)
  • 6. SPAD (95pts)
  • 7. SCOUT CAR (85pts)


If they hit you so much with flak, your bird will not fall, but explode to pieces. Ah, and yes, it is Game Over. For now, at least.


Flying a helicopter is not a simple task. Flying an attack helicopter with enemies firing explosive popcorn on both sides, worse... As you progress, you will got better and better, but those advices may find you in good will:

  • You will be tempted to fly very close to the ground. Better for aim, you think. Sitting duck, they say. Cause as easy you can got them, they can got you. Saying so, fly high. Better view and better time to evade.
  • Rockets are explosive enough to suppress any vehicle, be it a car or a tank. But as you can see, smaller targets pay better rewards. Try no not to let them escape, for a better final score.
  • Although you can hover above the battlefield, take special care for the artillery. Some of those missiles cannot be related to a vehicle in sight. Hummm... RPGs?
  • Remember, you can hover, but you must move around. Hey, are you seeing this approaching SPAD? Think fast, because it has heat-seeker missiles! Get out of the tracking line!
  • Don't let the tribe down, my friend! Do your best! For the best! In some games best results, are those battles played over and over, after a warm up.

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