A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.0.00)


From what I've learned from the interview with the sensei, Ninjoso was the last of a linage of retired shinobi, seeking revenge for their assassination. To acomplish this objective, he faced the relentless enemy ninja of the Domurokai clan, with accurate attacks from his famous katana and shuriken throws. His opponents came from above and both sides, using concealed wakizashis and kunais, thrown at a distance by the elite warriors of Tanakara.

For each defeated enemy, Ninjoso won gold coins.

The art would end when Ninjoso died. But we know that's not how it happened...

NOTE: Ninjoso must have amazing reflexes! Not? Maybe then his training wasn't enough... He can always retry.


Ninjoso, sensei said, could move sideways left and right, crouch like a tiger and jump like a rabbit (in the same directions you move your Joystick nowadays). To slash the enemy, one must press the controller button, when the time is right. To send the enemy sharp shuriken, one must jump and press the controller button with good aim. To dodge the enemy, one must go up. To dodge the kunai one must go down.



Sensei said Kisaiba-san did not have a choice!


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and the current player's golden coins are lost).


Does nothing. As the sage Kutoko once said:


Change Ninjoso's kimono: black (黒) or white (白い)? Sensei wasn't clear about clothing details...


Sensei said that for every ninja defeated, Ninjoso gained one 20-yen gold coin. Besides, for every elite warrior eliminated, Ninjoso gained five 20-yen gold coins and part of his "ki" were recovered. As the enemy senshi were brought down by the Totemo Surudoi blows and shuriken impacts, ninja from allied flags with the Domurokai began to appear. Their kimonos were different, but their rewards were the same.


I found that if Ninjoso was hit by the sharp wakizashi, or by the sharp kunai he would lose some of his "ki". What would happen if all of Ninjoso's "ki" was lost during the final showdown? I think he would succumb. Before ninja, Ninjoso was Sujiro Kisaiba, a human being. A human being with a thirst for revenge, yet human and therefore fallible. Or not? Sensei will know how to answer! Sensei!!!


Guess the following knowledge can help to understand the art, honorable one:

  • Up, down. Be fast! As the master once said: "You cannot hit what is not there."
  • Don't waste blow! As the master once said: "The time is right, the right time."
  • Move! As the master once said: "Be the water, not the stone. Be the bee. Be."
  • Watch for patterns. As the master once said: "What it is, is what it was."
  • Watch your aim. As the master once said: "Is sharp and travels, cuts afar."
  • Fight with honor! As the master once said: "Kill is wrong but die is worse."

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