A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.0.00)



NOTE: Donic has incredible armadillo reflexes, and must not lose control after eating so many donuts. Additionally, his robotic enemies are relentless and can hit him with electrified darts or move very swiftly! Be very careful! Or try again!


Donic can move left and right to avoid his enemies, and must get donuts to increase his donut power, as seen below the screen, in the donutpowerbar (batteries included).

With the power of donuts, Donic can turn into a ball to attack his enemies (but be careful with the fence, please!), spending that energy in the process.

When the donutpowerbar is full, Donic's blood will boil and, pressing the button, the armadillo will enter into such an incredible rush that whoever is in front of him will be immediately obliterated! But be careful... This explosion of energy has a limited time! Get more donuts along the way to make it last a bit longer.



Change the Donuts flavor from salty to sweety, hmmm...


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and the current player's score is lost).


The backlands are already difficult to traverse if you are an armadillo, don't you agree?


You must believe me in that: this switch change the color of Donic Sash shoes from blue to navy.


When Donic gets a donut (salty or sweety), he gets 1 point.

When Donic hits an enemy as a ball, he gets 20 points.

But check it out! When Donic is in his donut energy explosion, the score keeps going up! Niiiiiiiice!


If Donic buries his snout in a fence or enemy, or if he is hit by an electric dart, the run is over and he falls to the ground... poor Donic... the donuts (and the game) is over.

(But a hero is a hero, and can always try again! Again and again!)


The following tips can help in your fight against the enemy forces, which still don't have a name (I guess they are the rioietis, not sure), but maybe will as the adventure continues. Stay turned for more puns!

  • Knowing whether or not you can attack opponents is fundamental after they take a position on the road. Be careful when changing lane
  • Don't ignore the flying robots after passing them; they are treacherous and shoot electrified darts on the road where they are.
  • After getting enough donuts, reflect on the best moment to dash in a rush: as the donut energy will be spent, better to spend it destroying the enemies of the forest!
  • What's better? Destroying enemies one by one or in a wild rush? You decide!
  • (...) But if you choose to destroy your adversaries in ball form, you must transform into a ball at the exact moment; otherwise, it's bad for Donic!