A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.2.10)


Your mission is to survive as long as possible, waiting for a rescue that may never come. Fiuuuu... It's hard, uh? You can take cover by the barricades. Nope. You can't. Sorry. Z1Bs can pass through. But you have a lot of bullets! All you have to do is grab it by the bunker door. Ok, do not waste time there. Get on your gear and pay some respect for those who died before you: put some burning metal on each Z1B that crosses your way, both ways. Or die trying, anyway. It's fair.

There are no rounds, no 1UP bonus. No power-ups, magic spells, sands of time, whatever. Just the 80's-fast-paced-rock'n-roll-evasive-shooting-action. Besides your gun, you got reliable pero-no-mucho body armor to protect your skin and bones and plenty of reserve ammunition. Box and boxes. So, keep fingers on the trigger, keep your eyes on your targets, and check it out for hits as the mag will run out of juice as fast as those damn abominations can crawl on your neck.

The game ends when you die. You will see.

NOTE: Sometimes life sucks. You must deal with it.


You can move up, down, left, right, and diagonally in the same direction you move your Joystick. To bring hell over the Z1Bs, press the controller button and watch your aim. If you get out of ammo, take cover by the bunker door and suit yourself of new fire bullets and armor. Your SPITMASTER(TM) DS-0101 fully-automatic carbine can hold up to 24x 0.50 piroceramic-coated nails. Remember, the faster you move, the more mistakes you make in the barricades shoot-out. Ops! There it goes! Another one! Pow!



Press the GAME SELECT switch to select a game variation. No. There is none.


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game.  Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and your current score is lost). Think of it as a parallel dimension or karma-crazy-driven reincarnation. Life is a dream, uh? It is just a game, uh? Think about it for a few seconds.


Do nothing, I guess. The game is already difficult. And do not get easy. But you, you will become better each time! FTW!


BW Televisions? Seriously?


Each hole made in a Z1B body gives you 10pts, 20pts or 30pts, bravery defined (less the armor, more the points). Free of charge. Well, except for the fire bullets spent in the process, those are lost forever... Make sense.


If a Z1B touches you, your armor is deprecated. The Z1Bs are very toxic, ok? So, stay away, and do not get deadly hurt. Your armor has 2 special Dinoscale(TM) layers. Life-support systems will tell you of its current status. Once they are gone, guess what? It's game over, baby! You can fix it when reloading, what is good, really good.


This game manual provides the basic information you'll need to survive. So, keep your eyes open, trigger finger ready, and expect the unexpected, both directions! The following are just a few hints to help you live before you die a horrible death. As you play the game, you'll discover other strategies.

  • Use the bunker as an escape zone.  Since Z1Bs can't go into those upper walls, you can go there to take a breath. Remember, going in and out do not resupply your ammo, you must stay by the bunker door for a while. A special 8-bit disgusting sound will play, telling you the service is done. Troc troc!
  • Since the bunker defenses are set up so that only one Z1B at a time can be seen on the street, you might occasionally want to let lucky ones escape, so others can get under your iron sight. This way, better aim can be set to maximize the hot shoots.
  • Give Z1Bs as many pieces of melting lead as possible. The more you give on each, one the more points you score at the end of the game.
  • To pause play, allow yourself to step aside by the bunker door.  You can live there as long as you like without endangering yourself. When you're ready to play again, get down the street and pew pew pew!
  • Sometimes you will run over a Z1B without space to fire. It's a terrible move! To prevent this, move yourself up or down immediately after sniping the enemy. Taking them from behind is not considered cowardice, thou, the points obtained are the same.

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