A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.1.00)


Armadja is a two-player turn-based strategic naval battle game in which Blui and Redz squadrons have three battleships each, awaiting orders to navigate [N], set radar based target ranges [R], and fire anti-ship missiles (AShM) [F].

Your mission objective is simple as this: sink all the enemy ships before the enemy can do the same with your squadron! Stand easy? Not yet!

NOTE: "What? Another miss? Sailor, check your target!"


The panel information colors at the bottom of the screen indicates the player turn, if Blui's or Redz's. After an action is made, the turn is over and the other player carries on the battle:

"Rudders, ready!"

To maneuver his squadron, in his turn, the Captain must choose the order [N] with the controller lever set to "up" and press the confirmation button. At green signal, the Captain must indicate the fleet's destiny position. To cancel the order, the control lever must be lowered and another order could be set. Keep safe distance from the enemy fleet to avoid hamming techniques.

"Radars, ready!"

To define fire and engine speed to best assault the enemy fleet, the Captain must choose the order [R] with the controller lever set to "left" and press the confirmation button. If the confirmation button is retained, the system will overload and, after sometime time, an arbitrary range value will be registered in the Primary Control for later use. If used handsomely, after setting the desired range, the next fire order and navigation order will consider that value. To agree with the value, move the lever to "down". To cancel the order, before confirmation, the control lever must be lowered and another order should be set.

"Battle Stations, ready"

To fire, the Captain must choose the order [F] with the controller lever set to "right" and pres the confirmation button. The value registered in the Primary Control will define the angle of attack of the salvo, parallax matched. The higher the range, the higher the angle. After firing, the missile will noisily ascend and fall down accordingly, over the enemy fleet if the range is fine. Otherwise, it will splash on the water and adjustments must be made, either moving the fleet or redefining the radar trackings in the next turn, after ammunition replacement. Anyway, as soon as possible, "Commence Firing!"



"Secure from General Quarters!"
"Aye, aye, sir!"


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game. Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and the current players' situation is lost). The first turn is randomly asigned to Blu or Redz (player0 or player1, in atarian language).


"Nothing to the Right!"
"Nothing to the Left!"


"Shift to Telescope!"
"Aye, aye, sir!"


Now hear this... If two missiles hit an armada, it's navy will lose a battleship! Without battleships, the armada is defeated and the remaining Captain is considered the king of the seas, conquering the Great Anchor of Armadja Medal of Honour, with a view to the flaming and floating enemy debris!


You know what not to do, dearest Captain...


The following tips can help you on deck, Captain:

  • "Set switch in Local High! Set switch in Local Low!"
    The fire solution is decisive to maintain direct hits, after first contact.
  • "Match Parallax!"
    Watch for radar overload! Gentle with the controls for precision at values!
  • "Resume Sectors!"
    Keep your vessels at a secure distance! If you made damage, maybe the enemy can make it too!  
  • "Check Fire - Check Fire!"
    Don't waste salvos in the water... Move around, belay temptation to keep futile barriage at wrong coordinates.
  • "Catch a Turn!"
    Move fast to upper or lower latitudes, avoiding direct volleys.