A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.2.10)


My name is Mr. X and welcome to Corrirama Grand Prix! The most dangerous rally this side of Atariland. Get in your ruby red car and pull the pedal to move. Use the gears to change the speed and keep both eyes on the roads ahead. Easy? Don't think so! Other racers are here for the fun of seeing you eating their dust... Even it means harshly sending their cars to stop your progress. Ops! Broken car? Tsc Tsc Tsc... It's the end of race...

See this yellow bar below your windshield? Its your fuel, the liquid that explodes and gives energy to your Zerda ZZ 16v 3.0 500cv engine. If it runs out, though, your car stops and becomes a free target. You can refuel stopping by the left lane side. Just stop there and wait for the tank to fill. Woooow... Listen to this beauty! When the gear is up the sound tells about your increased speed! Now, move left and right to avoid collisions with other racers, but do not think they will do the same... Each Kilometer you run counts on your final score, so press the button and try not to wreck yourself going too fast. After some distance traveled, the landscape will change, and the roads will change too, challenging your reflexes over mud and sand. As always, watch for rogue pilots, those trickster opponents! Humpf!

NOTE: Avoid drink and drive. Really. IT'S NOT FUN.


First things first: you can turn left and right, pressing the button to move. To engage LOW gear, push the stick up. To engage HI gear, pull the stick down. That's the best practice to avoid collisions and to overlap the other racers. If you free the button, your car will stop, so, do it in the left lane of the road to refuel when needed.



Do not press the GAME SELECT switch on Sunday. It does nothing anyway.


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game.  Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and your current score is lost). Hmmm... Before you try it on a real car to be sold, remember Ferris and Cameron.


You can use the left and right difficulty switches to change the music on the car's CD player, but the sexy roar of the engine won't let you hear it anyway!


Although Corrirama Grand Prix is a homage to seventies races, we have had color, full color, since the sixties. But... If you set your Atari to Black and White mode, all other drivers will bring a twin to race against you. Fair enough? Oh my!


Each Kilometer traveled is a point earned and brings you near to a change in the landscape and new challenging road conditions! Go see them all! Go!


If your car is severely damaged or empty of fuel, it is the end of the line for you. Sad trombone.


This game manual provides the basic information you'll need to drive at astonishing speeds. Anyway, here are some tips so you can make a better race driver career. Look:

  • Do not try to refuel unless in real need. When you stop, other racers can (and will) set course to bump your car from behind and from the side.
  • Use gear changes wisely to evade hotheads. If you think a competitor will change lane, change lane too, reducing and engaging the high gear to overtake! Vrummmmm!
  • Zig zags are beautiful! But now they are dangerous to perform in bad condition roads, later on in the race.
  • Do not waste precious fuel dancing with forward racers in low gear. Overtake them as soon as possible to not get caught by surprise. The faster you go, the farer you go! Points, points!
  • If you miss the refuel lane, do not panic. Go a bit further, turn left and stop as long as needed to fill up the tank. Once ready, get back on course!

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