A Game by Donsoft Entertainment for the Atari VCS 2600 (v1.1.21)


Your mission is to survive as long as possible, evading the enemy waves and shooting them down if necessary. Your airplane is a white DS-B2 Cisney, equipped with a cargo bay, sufficient fuel, two wing cannons and 36x .70mm rounds belts. Sorry, nothing more. Get lucky.

Well, this is a hell of a mission, piloting this steel bird over sea, forest, sand, ice, cities and nightly scorched terrains. Your points are counted as miles traveled inside the enemy lines and number of foes killed. If you crash or downed before delivering the mysterious cargo, it is game over.

NOTE: Wait! There is nothing wrong with your joystick: as you are looking at your plane sideways "up" and "down" are, indeed, left and right.


You can move your plane up and down, moving your joystick left and right. Left to climb, right to dive, see? It's easy! At least, after some 3000 flying hours... To open fire, press the controller button and watch your aim. But be advised: your ammo is limited to belts with 36 rounds. Do not waste it cause you may need it badly to avoid faster incoming foes! When the bullet counter is about to finish, a sound will tell you the bad news... The good news is you can slowly reload your cannons, flying the Cisney very close to the sea. Or very close to the ground. Or the sand. Or to the ice... Ok, ok, ok, I guess you got it. Very close. Daredevilish close! Wow!



Don't bother yourself pressing GAME SELECT switch to select a game variation because there is none. Yaw!


Press the GAME RESET switch to restart the game.  Each time GAME RESET is pressed, the game starts over (and your current score is lost). That is it.


Never tried setting those before. Do you think the game is not easy enough? Think again: If you can't get past those bandits, try again and again and again. I bet each time, you will get further and further!


Black and White? The airplanes are in those colors yet!


Each mile equals one point... How far can you go? Please, take pictures! And on your way, please shoot down some enemy planes, cause each kill they will reward you with 10.000 pts!


If the foes touches the Cisney, some damage is made. The same for their .35mm bullets. Full collisions aren't pretty, too. Evade! Up! Evade! Down! And always, always check your altitude, otherwise you will sleep with the fishes tonight. Or with the trees. Or with ice cubes. You name it. So many places!


This game manual provides the basic information you'll need to fly. So, keep your eyes open, trigger finger ready, and expect the unexpected, from above or below! The following are just a few hints to help you get distance. As you play the game, you'll discover other fine strategies.

  • Use the vertical flight line wisely. Pitch up and down. Since foes try to align with you, some can be fooled into your deadly bullets. But be careful, or your Cisney will smack the surface for good.
  • Since your ammo is limited and the reload is slow, it is better not waste lead without proper aim. Remember: your points are provided by distance and by kills. Use your guns with style!
  • Give the Cisney free room to maneuver the darting foes on time. You can see that some enemy airplanes will try to follow the previous flight path towards you. So, just get out of the way. Fast! Stay for too long in their target lines and see your cabin be transformed in swiss cheese!
  • Later on the flight over enemy territory cities, probably the foes cammo will dazzle your eyes... Be ready to avoid them. If not, well, there is a popular old saying that says:
    - Take them out!

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